Race through your ever increasing To Do List to complete each level, or else Billy the Robot might have an explosive negative reaction! Follow each rule closely otherwise its back to the beginning for you.

How to Play:

A & D = Move

W & Space = Jump

Mouse = Aim (if you have the blaster)

Left Click = Shoot (if you have the blaster)

Tip: you can jump on the enemies to kill them


Programming, Art, Music, Design: ZeGGamer (Me)

Theme interpretation:

The theme is a little vague this year, so I'll explain my interpretation of the theme so all bases are covered.  The idea is that as you progress through the game, you are exponentially given  more tasks that you need to follow, thus making things go out of control. Its not as strong of a connection as I would have liked, but my thought was good enough to make a game out of.

If you have any troubles playing the HTML version, please download the Windows Version Below. Thank You!


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GMTK_Jam_2020_OC_Windows.zip 7 MB


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Interesting idea, had some good fun.

I would increase the time limit a little bit as it is hard to read everything from the list and try to complete it at the same time.

It took some tries just to get me to score 5 points!

Interesting idea, some of the challenges were pretty hard!  The animations are really smooth.  Good work!