This game was made by ZeGGamer and Zezed in 48 hours for the GMTK 2021 Game Jam

Join your insect band together and protect them from evil bats until they finish their symphony.


WASD: Move

Arrow Keys: Throw Rocks


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Nice idea. I argee with the previous commenter. At first I wasn't to shure what to do. If I had to protect them previous to the final stage or not.

I like that it has some character to it with the music and the narrative :)


This is a cool game with one caveat. 

While the description hints at what you need to do, there isn't much handholding going on. There's nothing to tell you to go looking for your fellow band members.


Dude, as soon as I realised what's going with the instruments I got chills -- incredible feeling game, well done to the both of you!

I'd like to see longer bullet shots, otherwise the final stage becomes too difficult to protect due to short FOV, Bat Speed and quantity.


Thank you very much! :D
Yeah, we couldn't properly polish it so the final section really is quite hard.
Hope we get to fix the music distortion too, the original mix is not nearly as bassboosted as that, lol.